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Customer Reviews


I found this at a craft show in Battle Creek. It’s always hard to find a reasonable priced jerky that is tender and isn’t too dry. The classic jerky is overpriced at truck stops and gas stations. I’m very pleased with the hickory smoked bag; from the taste, to the moisture of my mouth begging for more. I don’t give many reviews to things but this I had to be sure my opinion was expressed. Cheers and enjoy a bag. I’m about to buy more!


service is excellent the people are very friendly. I feed the whole house for a fraction of what I spend normally, if your household eats jerky, I recommend enrolling and saving a couple bucks


Jerkys fire


This is best jerky I have ever had ! As someone who is obsessed with jerky I can confidently say I’d take a bullet for it!


probably the best tasting, freshest jerkey I've ever had. if you haven't had it yet give it a try!! 10/10


Great taste and value! The variety of flavors and quality of jerky is worth the try!


Great flavors and the meat quality is superb. Love all that I've tried so far!

1Jerk Your Beef Jerky


Love the variety of flavors. Best jerky in BC!!


The best local jerky you will find. All fresh is hard to find. This is what makes this Jerky stand out!

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